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Vitapharm – Com is a Moldovan – American, which manufactures medicinal product based on European standards for over 18 years.

Vitapharm – Com is a team of professionals with experience in the pharmaceuticals, manufacturing and management, marketing and logistics who work to create efficient products for consumers.

QUALITY, INNOVATION, TEAMWORK and DEVELOPMENT are the values that have ensured our success and have transformed us into the most dynamic local manufacturer from the medical field.

Our mission is to improve the quality of people’s lives, offering them natural, harmless, effective products with a unique composition.

People’s health is the priority of  Vitapharm – Com. Every day, we offer people effective and efficient herbal remedies. We are able to do this because, over the years, we have learned from tradition and discovered through science. Our main goal is for humanity to not forget its beneficial and ancestral connection with plants. Therefore, for manufacturing our products, we use natural resources and high-quality raw materials from the world’s largest manufacturers. As a result, Vitapharm – Com is a leader in manufacturing food supplements in Moldova.

Currently, we have reliable partnerships with countries like Romania, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and the USA where we have already managed to gain consumers trust.

Vitapharm – Com occupies a stable position on the pharmaceutical market of the Republic of Moldova. It has a portfolio of 45 innovative and well-established products in immunology, cardiology, neurology, endocrinology, hepatology, pneumology, hematology, rheumatology and gynecology.

We are proud of our high quality rewards:

In June 2017, Vitapharm – Com received the 1st place in the nomination “Best company in the medical and pharmaceutical field of ATU Gagauzia”;

Silver medal “Brand of the year 2015” at the official event “Moldovan Business Gala”;

“Century International Gold Quality Award” New York, May 2011;

“Century International Gold Quality Award” Geneva, April 2009.